We have solutions for you

Are you thinking about tackling a DIY (Do it yourself) landscape project? Here are a few reasons why you should hire LawnBoy Landscaping LLC to do it instead.   

Reason #1:We have the training and experience to properly and safely install your hardscape.

Reason #2:It will cost you more to buy or rent the proper equipment that we have to get the job done right.

Reason #3: What's your time worth? Why spend your beautiful, sunny weekends working away in your yard, when we will get it done during the week so you can relax and enjoy it.

Reason #4: Your local home improvement store will not stock the extensive selection and quality materials that our wholesale distributers do.



Tired of dragging hoses around the yard? Worried about your lawn getting watered while you're away? We've got the solution: an automatic irrigation system installed by LawnBoy Landscaping LLC.

An automatic irrigation system will enhance your home's value. Just "Set it and forget it": your system will include a control clock which will be programmed according to your yard's watering needs. The pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves will be underground and unseen. Your system will also include a wireless rain sensor, which will shut the system down during rain storms when additional watering isn't needed. An irrigation system installed by LawnBoy Landscaping LLC requires no maintenance by the property owner. Our team will make any necessary adjustments and ensure the system is properly winterized.  


Want to provide privacy in your yard without putting up a fence? Go Green!

Bushes and trees are a great way to accent your landscape and provide a screen of privacy without feeling "closed in". LawnBoy Landscaping LLC can design your privacy by selecting trees and shrubs to fit your needs. We hand select from wholesale nurseries to ensure the best quality, and are equipped to haul and install large trees and bushes.



Whatever your needs are, LawnBoy Landcaping LLC is here to help. Give us a call, we look forward to discussing your ideas and we will offer creative solutions.